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Andrea Shannon Young

Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Height: 5’1”      
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Filipino, Japanese, German
Age Range: 16-24

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"Sweet Dreams"   Jaime, Lead Dir. Sam Combs
"Doubt"   Emily, Lead Dir. Jami Rhodes
"Crossed Lives"   Nina, Supporting Dir. Camila Armani
"Loverboy"   Cleo, Lead Dir. Mira Mendel
"Waffle"   Wendy "Waffle" Walton, Lead RD Film
"City Love"   Elizabeth, Lead Dir. Brian Zabala
"Missing You"   Ivy, Lead Dir. Philip Shih
"What Makes Jada Click"   Sarah, Supporting Dir. Raquel Yates
"Repetitive Suicides"   Jane, Lead Homemade Canoe
"Blood Ties" Jade, Lead Dir. Lucy Morales
"The Existential Question"   Jessica, Lead Dir. Ernesto Diaz
"Killed on the 4th of July"   Tori, Supporting          Boulder Comix    
"Emmy"   Emmy, Lead Short Fuse Studios
"Party Favors" Natalie, Lead Dir. Atsushi Sako
"B.R.O.O.D" - Series Intro Victim, Featured Vortex Cinema
"Love Squad" - Pilot Episode Belly Dancer, Featured MTV Productions
"The XYZ Files"   Florence Roy Arias Theatre - Off Broadway
"The Eight: Reindeer Monologues" & "7 Santas"   Soprano Caroler Roy Arias Theatre - Off Broadway
Commercials, Promos, Industrials, Music Videos, Modeling    
List Available Upon Request
T Schreiber Studio        New York, NY 2009-2011
Level II Intensive Program; On-Camera Course; British Dialect Class      
Private Voice Lessons New York, NY  2009-2011
New York Vocal Coaching; Encore Music Lessons      
Broadway Dance Center New York, NY 2009-2011
Singing: Soprano- Low F to High D
Dance- Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Theatre Dance, Belly Dancing
Improv, Stand-In
Dialects - British (RP)
Kickboxing, Taebo, Pilates, Yoga, Running, Flexible
Cat Lover
Spanish- Intermediate

Theatre Singing Demo:

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